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                by Katrin Wolf



I have had the privilege of making a living with my art all of my adult life. Traveling to high quality Juried Art Shows with my award winning cloisonne enamel and gemstone jewelry, I have enjoyed much success and acquired many loyal patron all across the country!  

My jewelry has evolved over the years into these one of a kind pieces using cloisonne enamels and gemstones to create jewelry as talisman as well as a personal statement!  I continue my exploration of colorful expression with my artwork shown here in part!

I thank you all for your support so that I may pursue the work I love and continue the journey!  

 I Hope to be participating in a few Juried Art Shows in 2022

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts July   14-17

Booth P33 Penn State Campus

State College, Pa

Katrin Wolf


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2010 - present

2010 - present