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 I have been fortunate to have made my living with my art for most of my adult life, and have been designing & creating jewelry for over 30 years. In the late 80's, I began marketing my jewelry at Juried Art Shows throughout the country, and have had the privilege of national recognition and numerous awards, as well as many loyal patrons.   Working with unusual gemstones & vitreous enamels, my enjoyment is in 'the creating' of spirited designs that will stand the test of time!  I am inspired by mythology, many of the masters, my travels, a deep love of the natural world & my vivid dreams.  I feel my connection to the ancient spirits through my pursuit of this process, creating jewelry as talisman as well as personal adornment.

As a young child I was encouraged from a young age, and was drawing as soon as I could pick up a pencil! My mother & her siblings were all very artistic people, art, music & theater were a big part of their lives, even living in rural Pennsylvania! Mother had my family listening to Mozart , Bach & Beethoven as babies! My love of the arts has continued throughout many changes in my life, & I feel blessed to have this gift.

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