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The Fascinating Qualities of SOME OF THE Gemstones used IN My Work

CHRYSOCOLLA: 2 to 4 hard. Communication, expression of sacred goddess energies, gentleness and power.  CHAKRAS: Throat (5), Heart (4), Root (1).  EMOTIONAL: Aids with calming,            release of stress and anxiety.  SPIRITUAL: Facilities expressing inner wisdom, linking with the Earth’s awareness.  Found Chile, Zaire, Russia and the USA.

CHRYSOPHASE: 7 hard. Growth, compassion, connection with Nature. Forgiveness, altruism.  CHAKRAS: Heart (4) Solar Plexis (3). EMOTIONAL: encourages love and trust, release of fear-         based emotions.  SPIRITUAL: Aids in connecting with Divine Love, Nature spirits, Soul of the Earth.   Found Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa and Russia.

COBALTA CALCITE: 3 Hard. Heart Healing. Aides in Spiritual, emotional & physical healing. CHAKRAS: Crown, Heart & Third Eye. EMOTIONAL& SPIRITUAL: Dispels melancholy, This gem has       an effervescent & playfulness which helps us feel energized & lightens our mood! Sacred Beauty meets Divine power.   Found in Morocco & the Congo

LABRADORITE:6 to 6.5 hard.  Magic, protection.  CHAKRAS: All. EMOTIONAL: Aids in doing “inner work” to root out old negative patterns.  SPIRITUAL:  Enhances psychic abilities, increases       capacity to perceive with the inner eye, useful for magic, ritual and psychic protection.  Found Canada and Madagascar. 

LARIMARAR:  4.5 to 5 hard.  Calming, cooling, soothing to the emotional body, enhanced communication, feminine power, connection with goddess energies.  CHAKRAS:  Third       Eye (6), Throat (5).       EMOTIONAL:  Promotes serenity, relaxation and strength of emotional self. Enhances ones link to the divine feminine. Is found on the  Island of                     Hispaniola and in the Caribbean Sea. 

MOONSTONE:  6 to 6.5 hard. Mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams,emotional self.  SPIRITUAL: Enhances one’s link to the Divine Feminine, aids in freeing oneself              from unhealthy attachments.  CHAKRAS:  Third Eye (6) and Crown (7).  EMOTIONAL:  Encourages forbearance, calmness, patience, inner tranquility.  SPIRITUAL:  Stimulates            inner reflection, attunement with Divine Feminine.   Found Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma, Australia, India and the USA. 
BOULDER OPAL :  5.5 to 6.5 hard.  The Earth of the Ironstone matrix combined with the water of the Hydrated Silicon Dioxide blend the power of these 2 Elements. Earth                    strengthens &  supports, Water creates as it flows, Fire is born of the mix of the two. Manifestation of one’s intention, amplification of emotions, revealing and releasing                psychic wounds. CHAKRAS: Root (1), Crown (7).  EMOTIONAL:  Aids in release of one’s deepest fears.  SPIRITUAL:  Supports one in finding the Light in the dark parts of the            self.   Found Queensland Australia.
SUGILITE:  6 to 6.5 hard.  Dreams, spiritual protection and purification, becoming a “beacon of light.”  CHAKRAS: Third Eye 96), Crown (7), Etheric 8-14) EMOTIONAL: Instills a         positive,hopeful attitude, clears emotional body.  SPIRITUAL:   Dissolves negativity, helps one receive and spread Diving Light.  South Africa. 
TANZANITE: 6.5 to 7 hard.  Linkage of the mind and hear, enhanced spiritual perception, compassionate self-expression, adherence to truth.  CHAKRAS: Heart (4) Throat (5) Third      Eye (6) Crown (7) Soul Star (8).  EMOTIONAL: Encourages compassion, calms the mind, inspires joy.  SPIRITUAL: Aids in knowing and expressing the wisdom of the heart.             Found  Tanzania.
TOURMALINE, WATERMELON:  7 to 8 hard.  Calm, joy.  CHAKRAS:  Heart (4)  EMOTIONAL:  Fills the emotional body with a radiance of joy, calms worry and fear.  SPIRITUAL:                Stimulates the awakening of the Self in the “higher heart.”    Found Brazil, Africa and the USA. 
TURQUOISE:  5 to 6 hard.  Wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion.  CHAKRAS:  Throat (5)  EMOTIONAL: Encourages self-forgiveness and the release of useless                 regrets.  SPIRITUAL:  Inspires one to act out of truth, compassion and forgiveness.     Found US  Mexico,Chile,
 China & Australia.

VARISCITE:  4 to 5 hard.  Inner peace, love and compassion, alignment of the physical and light bodies, simplicity, clarity, emotional healing.  CHAKRAS: Heart (4).  EMOTIONAL: Opens the heart and kindles long-lasting emotional well-being.  SPIRITUAL:  Inspires one to release negative patterns into the Light, instills inner harmony.  Utah, Nevada, Queensland, Australia. 

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